Welcome to my site!

Hi Everyone,

I’m a mum of two who loves to craft as my “me” time..

I’ve always loved to craft, from making items when I was a teen (ahh who remembers the lovely material toilet roll holders, pot puriri fans and the picture frames!!) and then doing scrapbooking to show off where I travelled in my 20’s! Once the kiddies came along, all that crafting got put aside. Then in 2015 I got into card making.. I just love it!

So with many birthdays always around the corner (especially now the kids are at school!) there is always a need to make a card. But I always find with card making, it’s a great way to show someone how special they are to you or what their kind gesture has meant to you by giving them a handmade card you’ve taken the time to make just for them!

So with that, I thought, why not set up a Blog and share my love of card making with you all and show you some of the cards I’ve made.

Hope you enjoy them and thank you for visiting.

Claire x